March is Women’s History Month! 
Women’s History Month is an important annual celebration that helps us reflect on the challenges facing gender rights and highlight the stories of inspiring women through the ages.

Women have long shaped the history of Methodism, beginning with Susanna Wesley, the mother of Methodism’s founders. Across the centuries, women have been vital to the denomination’s growth as leaders, teachers, missionaries, and organizers.From the local church to the global church, women have led and served ministries within marginalized communities, as well as initiating important social and political reform.

Please explore some of the inspiring stories of women who have been trailblazers in the Methodist Church. Here are some online resources:
1) Timeline of Women in Methodism.
2) Resilient women in the Bible (
3) Women’s History Month
4) Groundbreaking Black Women in U.S. Methodist history
5) Women Trailblazing through United Methodist History