What is Trunk or Treat?

Children will come to our parking lot where cars will be decorated with some type of theme. They will visit each car and get a treat, play a game or make a craft! This event is a way to do outreach in the community, teach children about the Bible and provide safe treats!

Who Should Participate?

Individuals, families, Scout Troops, sports groups, grandparents…The list is endless! If you like Halloween, but your neighborhood doesn’t do it anymore or if you live in an apartment, this is for you!

To sign up to donate treats or decorate your car click HERE.

As you think about how you want to decorate your car consider these suggestions:

Start with a Theme

Your theme will establish everything else you do. Start by choosing a theme and then add your ideas to it! Think of your own favorite animals, children’s stories, movies, hobbies and more that YOU are interested!

Coordinate Your Costume

More than just decorating your car, consider matching your costume to the theme, too! You don’t have to dress up!

Add an Activity

Many trunk decorators have added ways for the kids to earn their candy through some sort of activity. For some trunks, the kids must search through a treasure chest of gold at their pirate-themed car, or maybe they have to throw their fishing pole into the “sea” trunk to retrieve their prize. Kids LOVE this sort of thing!

Get Creative With the Candy

Depending on your theme, consider giving away candy or prizes that match the theme. For example, the Cookie Monster-themed trunk could definitely give out some cookies! If possible, consider having some allergy free treats available. You don’t have to have candy. The kids really enjoy a good game or easy craft.

Contact Donna Meoli eumcyouth@eumclaurel.org or 301-725-5200 with any questions!